Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Little Ballerina

I picked up this adorable ballet leotard with attached tutu at Nordstrom Rack for my four year old daughter for about $15. I didn't just happen upon it - I have been checking my local Rack on a regular basis for an update to their Popatu brand stock. Popatu makes really cute, yet often over the top ballet type clothes for little girls. I needed something that was special, but not too distracting to wear to class. I found this one amongst a sea of bright rainbow colored tutus and leotards with princess crowns. I had to get past the weird armbands it came with and realized it was perfect - and the only one they had was the perfect size for my daughter.

I held onto it until the holidays. I thought she would think it was more special if she received it as a holiday gift.

She loves it - how do I know? Her class was all standing still and facing the mirror as the instructor was explaining something - all except my daughter who was making all sorts of cute poses in the mirror. She posed for this photo before class and instructed me to text/e-mail it to a list of family members.

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